Family Crest

Showcasing the full Angove Family Crest, these wines are crafted with vibrant fruit expression, freshness, balance and finesse in mind. The Tempranillo, Shiraz, Cabernet,Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre and Pinot Gris are sourced from our own vineyards and those of long term growers in McLaren Vale whilst the Chardonnay comes from a special site in the Adelaide Hills. The history of the Angove Family Crest in Australia began with the trademark registration of a double headed eagle with wings in 1908 by Dr William Thomas Angove. Its origin is not known with certainty, however in January 1883, in a letter to his brother Edward, William wrote, ‘Will you send me one of the crests you had done.’ Edward Angove’s reply to this question has not survived the test of time. In 1948, second generation T.C. Angove approached the College of Arms, London with regard to registering the Armorial Seal, a spread double-headed eagle from the Angove Coat-of-Arms, as a trademark. Investigations by the College of Arms found that the arms were those of Abel Angove (1673-1741) of the Parish of Illogan, however the College was unwilling to confirm the supposed Angove Arms, but were prepared to incorporate the principal feature of the double-headed eagle in a new granting of Arms