Basic Babe

Basic Babe is a guilt free ready to drink, better for you beverage. These alcoholic sparkling waters and Pre-Mix Cocktails hits all the touch points to satisfy the demands of the modern day millennial drinker.

The Seltzers are zero sugar and zero carbs, this millennial focused brand is health conscious and environmentally friendly, with only 55 calories in a sexy 250ml can.
We may have only 55 calories per can but that doesn’t mean we have sacrificed taste. We have worked tirelessly on our flavour profiles, and without tooting our own horns too much we believe we have achieved the best tasting hard seltzer on the planet! A crisp, full flavoured beverage only using premium natural flavours, neutral grain spirit and purified sparkling water, Basic Babe delivers everything you need to have fun, without the regrets.

The Margarita and Mojito cocktails are loaded with real flavour.

The Mojito is the perfect blend of alcohol, lime and mint makes this lightly sparkling cocktail dangerously sessionable. The flavours sing together in a wonderful harmony leaving just the right tingle on the taste buds after each mouth full. A light carbonation elevates the flavour profile creating a refreshingly delicious beverage that pairs beautifully with any occasion.

Lightly carbonated the margarita delivers a balanced flavour with the softness of the raspberries, contrasted perfectly with the acidity of the lime. The fruits are punchy on the palate and are not overshadowed by a pungent alcohol taste. This modern twist on a classic cocktail is sure to please even the most seasoned cocktail drinker.

Basic Babe is a brand built on connection, community and fun. Whether at a family picnic, or festival with the crew, we are there for you with a ready to drink beverage that you can drink all day, guilt free. If you find yourself forever chasing the sun, Basic Babe is your perfect side kick, promising nothing but awesome memories and super low calories.

Made for the lips, not the hips, this fun, alcoholic sparkling water is the biggest babe in lifestyle and convenience.