One of the few remaining truly independent, family run and owned distilleries in Scotland, Glenfarclas, was established in 1836 and has been run by the Grant family since 1865. Using the finest natural ingredients, combined with traditional distillation methods, the unforgettable flavour of Glenfarclas is present in every bottle. Now in its 6th generation the Grant family continue this fine Scottish craft. The Glenfarclas style is elegant and sherried, quite strong, notably firm-bodied, but willing to reveal a sweet side to their nature. Recognized in Scotland as one of the very best single malts produced, Glenfarclas has an enviable reputation for quality. No selection of single malt whiskies would be complete without Glenfarclas. Glenfarclas stocks and Grant Family foresight has allowed the development of the ‘Family Cask’ Range. A unique range of single vintage, single casks from 1954 through to the current release 2004.