Villa Jolanda

In the magical earth of Veneto among the hills and vineyards, there is an ancient house. According to legend, an aristocratic lady with blue eyes and golden hair whose name was Jolanda lived in this villa. Fun and free spirited, Jolanda was a pianist with a velvety touch. She would celebrate the new vintage with gatherings of local vingnerons at the Villa where they would toast the quality and success of the year. With unbroken purity Villa Jolanda Prosecco reflects the passion and history of celebration the harvest brings each year. The Veneto region in North Eastern Italy is protected from the harsh northern European weather by the Alps in the north and bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the south, the region is known for its delicate and fresh sparkling wines. This distinguished expression from Villa Jolanda displays typical finesse. Clean, with lively aromatic apple and pear aromas the palate is light and well balanced. With a persistent fine bead and lower alcohol level (11.5%), this wine is an ideal aperitif.