Talis was born as a voluntary union of six small wineries, located in the DOC Friuli, close to Slovenian border, about 70 miles north of Venice. The constitution of our winery, was born from the desire to better serve the market, but leaving it to each member the task to produce and directly control the quality of grapes and wine from the individual farms.
This corner of Friuli is blessed by a sea breeze that blows across the land from daylight to dusk and by easterly winds. The vineyards are protected by the Julian Alps in the North. These climatic conditions are ideal for producing healthy vineyards and fragrant grapes in particular Pinot Grigio the most famous white Italian wine.
The bond that Talis enjoys with the land is expressed in its respect for and protection of the environment. We are committed to maintaining the traditions of local viticulture and thanks to the expertise of our employees in the vineyards, there is minimal intervention in the wine cellar
Talis Pinot Grigio, is not intended as just a beverage, but as something that gives satisfaction and pleasure that are typical of Italian wine, accompanied with the various dishes of your cuisine, or better yet fine Italian fare.