Pizzolato Organic

Pizzolato is a long family story of parents and children working the land, which is organic by nature, together. It all started in the 1900s, out in the open countryside to the North of Treviso, a land dotted with fruit trees and vines where also the air is organic and so are the soil and the fruits born out of this farming legacy.

The winery Pizzolato Settimo & Gino was founded in 1981. Initially the company focused on the cattle industry, the cultivation and harvesting of fruit and vegetables, in particular kiwi, peaches, grapes and strawberries. “I chose to help my father running our farm in 1981. I began to seek alternative methods to chemicals such as integrated pest management practices.“ Settimo Pizzolato

The winery obtained organic certification in 1991, the year in which the certification system was born in Italy.

Our wine estate is located in Villorba – in the heart of the Prosecco DOC appellation region – only a short distance from historic Treviso and enchanted Venice. The estate vineyards surrounding the winery are a true “green lung” and treasure trove of biodiversity.

For us, sustainability means consideration, attention, respect. This is a fundamental value of our company that inspires us to develop standards of respect and attention towards the environment, with a long-term thinking. We want to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the abilities of the next generations to satisfy theirs: this is the meaning of working in a sustainable way! A lesser amount of waste, an eco-label or a cork with low CO2 emissions are some of the moves we are making towards a green future.

Pizzolato Prosecco is packaged in a new type of bottle called a “M-USE” bottle. It was created following a SUSTAINABLE DESIGN project, in light glass, whose name embodies a double meaning: it recalls both the inspiring muse of beauty and art and the MULTI-USE that can result after its use. The project supports a winning combination, that of design and the various ways of reusing it and giving it another “dress”, another life.